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Welcome to Cufis Technologies, Inc. and thank you for taking your time to learn more about us and our capabilities. We believe at the core of all system management is its data. It is the life-blood and should be protected and accessible not just to us today, but put well into our future generationís hands. It is something that should be stored, viewed and manipulated in order to solve todayís complex problems, as well as secure enough to remain relevant and functional long after it is seemingly useful to us today.

It is the Cufis Technologies heritage that enables us to nurture that data and forever protect it.

We strongly believe that it is not just Cufisí 8(a) status that makes us unique. Who better to gather, manage and protect your data and your future than a Native American corporation who abides by the same philosophies within its own life and generations? The result?

Cufis Technologies has recently been ranked 9th as a company to watch in the United States!

Our Native American roots mean we understand long term commitment. Let us show you how our passion, integrity, and innovation can compliment your IT organization.

See how Cufis Technologies, Inc. brings technology together.